About Trevor

Deeply inspired by Shannon Larratt, Trevor is a thirty three year old American tattooer, web designer, meme creator, entrepreneur, and dedicated body modification enthusiast. Trevor is currently tattooing at True Addicti0n Tattoo Studio in Yazoo City, Mississippi and has been tattooing for about five years. Forming a deep passion for various forms of body modification around age fourteen, he began building an extensive knowledge base on almost everything body modification related. Trevor has well over 100 hours or more of tattooing on his body, a facial scarification, an NFC chip implant, a coin slot ear mod, and is still a never ending work in progress. Hobbies include cats, learning about mexico, playing guitar, making music, traveling, designing websites, learning about other cultures and listening to music mostly trip hop, hip hop, rap, and metal.

Currently Trevor is most known for his roles as Founder, C.E.O., and President of ModifiedYouth Inc. and the ModifiedYouth movement, as for which a mission statement can be read below.

Online Community

Heavily influenced by the IAM BME community many years ago, Modified Youth intends to connect members of the heavily modified community to further our goals, unite against unjust laws, regulations, and discriminatory actions against us, spread knowledge within the community, as well as connect modified people from around the globe.

Mission Statement

The primary position of the ModifiedYouth movement is to promote the right of the individual to express themselves through tattooing, piercing, scarification, implants, branding, voluntary amputation, cosmetic surgery, or any other form of body modification in such a way that they believe is what creates an internal and external balance both mentally and spiritually on a personal level. All modifications must be done in a tasteful manner that does not harm anyone else, outside of non-personal opinions, and within a professional setting. Non-professional modifications being performed only contributes to the negative stereotypes associated with body modification in general. Each modification should be a personal request, designed for a custom fit, and performed by a qualified individual with all risks explained before the procedure. We resist and reject the creation and enforcement of rules and regulations regarding appearance, upon individuals employed by any company, corporation, or small business establishment. The movement is a clear promotion and encouragement of individual expression to be FREE to modify yourself as you wish, especially in a work related environment of any social class. We also promote the flourishment of knowledge, the lack of dependence, and the freedom from mental slavery.

We choose to resist rules, laws, and regulations governing what can and cannot be done with an individual's body. We claim and/or reclaim FULL ownership of our physical being. We seek true freedom.

If you would like to donate to our cause, any and all donations would be deeply appreciated.